Galerna – A Peek Down Below

GALERNA – A Peek Down Below

Todays 89’ woody motor sailer – Galerna, started life in Denmark where she was built in 1973, so falls into the ’spirit-of-tradition’ woody family.

In the top photo sent to me back in Jan 2022 by Richard Amery we see her berthed at the Viaduct in Auckland. How Galerna come to be in NZ I do not know but Ken Ricketts reports that she had a major refit by Titan Marine in Auckland in 2015.

Built to take a pounding, oak planks and frames, her hull measures nearly 14” and has a stainless steel ice skirt, all that plus a 5 cyl. B&W 550 hp diesel see her hitting the scales at 190 tonne. Galerna’s cruising range is 4000 miles at 8 knots.

From the photos sent in by KR we can see that she is equipped for expended cruising in grandeur.
Can anyone tell us how she came to call NZ home?

1 thought on “Galerna – A Peek Down Below

  1. I am told by a person who has been out on her, that GALRERNA has a very slow running diesel engine, which pushes her along at 8 knots at just 300RPM, which as far as I can tell, from info I have gleaned from Google, is almost certainly a 2 stroke engine, & also it is started by compressed air from an onboard compressor, which must be started first, to fire up the main engine. — KEN R


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