The 1926 Charles Robinson built, St Mary’s Bay, Auckland launch – Aloha has appeared twice on WW but we have never been up close. Yesterday she came into the Slipway Milford for some TLC. A resident of Bayswater Marina, her bottom would have to be the worst I’ve seen ex there.

Interesting point – as Aloha came up the Milford Creek , she slipped past the launch Aumoe, the two boats had been regular cruising buddies in the mid 1960’s > 1970’s – and were always rafted up together. They even had side-by-side boat sheds in the Whangarei Town Basin. Powered these days by a Yanmar 125hp engine. Hopefully we can get a few more details on her e.g. length etc

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4 thoughts on “Aloha

  1. For a few years I owned the AUMOHE also the boats he’d in Whangarei town basin ,Sold her to a family in Auckland. Still have photos of her early 1900s and storey of her history ,Be interested to know her cruising days of late


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