Last week Clive Ross asked on WW if anyone knew of the launch Aloha has he had some old photos of her in an old photo album that belonged to his parents.

I asked Clive to send in the photos, which we get to share today. The photos are dated 1931/2 and show Aloha both at Kawau Island and Great Barrier Island.

In the Gt Barrier photos things must have been cosy aboard, with a mixed crew of 10. Anyone able to ID any of the crew?

At Kawau we see Aloha at anchor with SS Duchess, in Mansion House Bay. From these photos it was obvious the Clive’s Aloha is the launch that Charles Robinson built in St Marys Bay, Auckland in 1926, Lots to read and view at the link below

Always nice to be able to connect the dots 🙂

Bay of Islands – early 1960’s

ANY ONE KNOW WHO OWNS MOANAROA – the 34′ Jack Taylor bridgedecker , photo below, WW link

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