Lady Crossley Gets Some TLC


The 1947 Colin Wild designed and built launch – Lady Crossley is currently tucked up in the ‘Nautique Boat Yard’ shed at Hobsonville Marina for some TLC.

The bottom has been taken back to bare timber, the kauri planking is a work of art. At the same time, the shafts and props have been pulled + the keel cooling tubes – for a refresh.

Lots of small maintenance jobs being ticked off + a splash of shinny new paint on the cabin tops.

Her owners always present LC in sublime condition – photos below from her relaunch in 2013 post a total refit. View more here

Two More x Dean Wright

9 thoughts on “Lady Crossley Gets Some TLC

  1. Agreed there are also the what I would call sundry bits & pieces re oll pumps, injection pumps etc., but they have all been made, however totally agree that new hydraulic boxes, & 2 to 1, or even say 1.5 to 1 reduction gears, if they are worried about the props hanging too far down under the boat, is by far the simplest & obviously the very best way to go about it, but of course, I see, we do agree that it whatever way it was done, it would make a huge difference to her maneuverability,
    She also has another plus with hydraulic boxes, that she could have single lever control with just 1 twin unit with the 2 levers, with one lever for each engine, which would also a big help, — one hand for the levers, & one for the helm. —
    Makes it all massively easy, having the helm in one hand, & both engine controls in the other hand, & gives absolutely total maximum & perfect control of the boat, at all times.
    I discovered myself, immediately I drove my TIARRI for the very first time, on her launching day, as she had that system.
    It was a really great feeling, to know your boat will do as it is told, at all times, in all situations, — (without “cheating,” with bow &/or stern thrusters). — KEN R


  2. No Ken it is not as simple.. There is a lot to change.
    Yes camshaft.
    Yes starter.
    All the oil pipe directions have to be changed.
    Oil pump/ pumps have to have different drive gears.
    The pistons if they are offset gudgeons have to be rotated.
    Injection pump cam lobes have to be changed.
    Etc etc. I could go on.
    Wouldn’t waste my time on old lw even if parts were off the shelf.
    Direct drive versus 2 to 1 reduction hyd box be like chalk and cheese in performance/ manouvering


  3. To make the engines go the other way, even with one to one boxes, it’s only a matter of replacement of the cam shaft in one of them, to make the engine itself go the other way, when there is no reduction gear to create the opposite rotation, & changing the rotation of the starter, which is also very electrically simple usually, is no problem, & the starters for those engines were manufactured by CAV, & were available, going in both directions anyway. — KEN R


  4. The old LW series Gardners like in Lady Crossley were only ever contra rotation in lifeboat applications.
    And that would have been special order only.
    When the original Crossely engines were removed from her and replaced by the Gardners they were specd with direct drive 1 to 1 gardner manual boxes.
    Hence why ahe has only small props.
    There was a lot of issues on initial installation re achieving eng rpm resulting in much correspondence to Gardner works uk.
    In a perfect world she would be a different ship with a couple of hydraulic g/boxes and bigger wheels chopping around under her arse.
    But the old mindset of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix” applies here .


  5. It is so very easy to counter rotate Gardners, I am amazed to see they are both turning the same way in L.C., which, must so very much, must be restricting her maneuverability.
    New underwater exhausts look interesting, although, with the very low beautiful sound levels of Gardners, can’t help wondering if they were really necessary or desirable, as the Gardner sound, to many of us, is lovely music to our ears.
    She is so elegantly & beautifully timeless, with her wonderful C.W. design, & looking so supremely gracious & stunning, right now.
    My complements & envy, to her lucky owners.
    WONDERFUL!!! — ken r


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