Mystery Launch 04-06-22

Mystery Launch 04-06-22

I know there is a name (its very short) on the life rings but I can’t read it. But given the very distinctive design of the launch, I’m sure we can ID the boat.

I came from a very old file I had so hopefully I have not posted the image before 🙂

How Well Do You Know The WW Site ? Hopefully on Sunday (if Saturday is a crap weather day) I will do a story on the WW site, I have spoken to several people recently that were unaware of the full functionality of the WW site – so I’m putting together some ‘flying’ instructions.

6 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 04-06-22

  1. I’m quite sure that my uncle Arthur Fisher owned Lady Vie which he sold prior to having Tamaroa


  2. She was used by Pam American Airways in 1939 — This image is from the Tudor Collins Collection & I have sent it to Alan for posting in an earlier post where she appeared under the label LADY VIE — KEN R


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