Meteor III


Last week we ran a story on the very fast Meteor II, the 33’ Collings & Bell built ex Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, tourism launch. Link below

I was subsequently contacted by John Bullivant who supplied the above photos of Meteor III. John advised that his research uncovered that all of the Metero’s (1 / II / III) were owned by Frank Haworth, who ran a very successful tourism business in Queenstown in the 1950’s>1960’s.

It is believed that Meteor III was NZ’s first hydrofoil , but built in the UK. Meteor III cruised at 55 kph and topped out at over 70kph.

I understand that she operated on the lake until the mid 1990’s, but these days is run by a charitable trust and occasionally comes out of retirement.

When she first hit the lake in the 1950’s, based on the photos it must have been an impressive sight.

4 thoughts on “Meteor III

  1. Thank you so much for that Michael. — Must have been a huge capacity engine to get her on top of the water loaded with passengers. — The accident sounds ominous?? — KEN R


  2. Hi Ken,
    Meteor 111 was powered by a large Chrysler petrol v8, and was an impressive sight on Wakatipu. One fault, though, was obscured vision forward at speed, and I understand her tourism business faltered soon after a serious accident.


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