Kotare – Needs A New Custodian 

KOTARE – Needs A New Custodian 

The yacht Kotare popped up on WW back in 2018 (link below) having recently changed hands, now her owner Don Fraser would like to place the yacht with someone who will  maintain and use Kotare – I’ll let Don tell the story

Don Fraser here. Back in Jan 2018 you posted a mention of my little 20′ cutter-rigged 1940’s keeler ‘Kotare’, having spotted me antifouling her in Rocky Bay, Waiheke where both the boat and I reside. 

That was my 3rd (or 4th?) season of ownership, after she was gifted to me by the previous owners – who were virtual strangers but had spotted me in the bay and thought I looked a suitable candidate… reasonably handy but not rich enough to buy anything substantial for myself, I was at that time ‘custodian’ of a friend’s dilapidated trailer sailer, also moored in the bay and since passed on to my friend’s nephew. 

Since then I have only sailed Kotare a handful of times – as work and family commitments continue to expand. On my youngest leaving home last year I thought Kotare’s time had finally come for a full repaint, cutting out some rot from the ply cockpit (added by the same guy who’d converted her to a keeler) and in the topper cabin trim, and some decent sail time. But alas covid came, then my mum needed a live in carer in the city, then my wife announced we will spend the next few summers walking the length of the country.

So Kotare needs a new owner / kaitiaki. One with the skills, time and energy to attend to her ongoing maintenance – and maybe even beef up her underpowered rig a bit. She is simple and fun (if slow) to sail – the running back stays and basic cockpit all very ‘yar’ as Gregory Peck once put it. The owners before me at given her a thorough resto with red lead interior paint, fijian kauri ply floor added, and every bit of rig removed and either replaced or given a good tickle.

No money need change hands – the new owner has to just have the skills and enthusiasm to keep the old kingfisher going for another few years before they too might pass her on. Outboard not included but old 6 foot inflatable tender is. Interested parties can contact Don at fraserhoults@gmail.com

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