Beaver II


The launch – Beaver II was built by Jorgensen in Picton c.1960 to a Quickly design. She is 36’ in length and powered by a Detroit 4/71 100hp diesel engine that sees her comfortably cruising at 10 knots.

Like most Jorgensen boats she is a very well  (heavy) built boat and has good walk around decks. Home port is Havelock and she is / was on tme.

Anyone know more about the boat?

4 thoughts on “Beaver II

  1. Looks very similar to one built for Cdr. “Sanky” Critchley, which also had blue TOPSIDES and grey CABIN SIDES. Des Lynskey was somewhat of a legend 🙂


  2. Built for a gentleman Desmond(des) Linskey when he ran Straights Air Freigh (later Safe Air) sat more often than was ever used, hull was dark blue with light Grey top sides…looked amazing to my eyes @ about 10 years old
    Des had an awful amount of work done on the boat though Safe air (off the books) and got himself into all sorts of problems.
    The wide walk ways were added because the Linskeys owned a large golden lab and widened a little so he could use the foredeck..(its true..) my fathers boat Waikare was parked on the same jetty in Picton marina…Beaver ll was brand new and stunning.


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