Oiseau de Mer

Oiseau de Mer

Earlier in the year Ian MacDonald sent me the link to this Hartley, kauri carvel construction 30’ launch. Named Oiseau de Mer, which we can assume wasn’t the name on her stern when she was launched. The launch made a brief appearance on WW back in Dec 2019, at the time she was for sale on tme and I believe sold for a very low figure.  https://waitematawoodys.com/2019/12/21/oiseau-de-mer/

The ‘new’ tme listing states that work had commence eg replacement fuel tanks and pump + steering but the engine, Ford 100hp,  doesn’t run and from the photos there is some serious housekeeping needed before I’d be heading off the marina in her.

Home is Akaroa down south. The one positive I will say is that well done to the owner for their honesty (photos) re the condition of the vessel. 

Would love to know if she sold again and if someone has accepted the challenge to bring her back to the condition she deserves.

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