The double ender Moeroa first made an appearance on WW back in June 2021

In this story Harold Kidd commented that translation in Maori of Moeroa is ‘Long Sleep’ and that in the past during a paint scraping exercise the name – Wikaro was uncovered. 

She recently popped up on tme (thanks Ian McDonald), so we now know a little about her – 32’, built c.1912>15 and powered by a Nissan TD23 70hp diesel engine.

The listing states that the boat has suffered some damage to the bow (timber and capstan) and that the photos are from earlier when her paint had been ‘refreshed’, so needs some TCL.

Home is on the Manukau Harbour, so a wee lift and road trip would be required if the Waitemata was an intended home.

A very salty looking woody that deserves a new life / owner.

4 thoughts on “Moeroa

  1. Kia Orana from the Crooked Islands
    As a young lad and visiting Coromandel frequently, I recall Sam Strongman purchased a launch for
    a bit of pleasure and work. Not sure of the previous name of the vessel. I was treated to a good day out fishing ,she was temporarily powered by an old car engine.This was in the early 60’s
    Sam renamed the vessel Wikaro, Wife Win not sure if the Wi was for wife or Win ,daughters Kaye and Robin, I hope I have the spelling of the girls names correct.I am sure Moeroa is the same vessel.


  2. A similar canoe stern launch the NEEDLE was also used to carry large loads of building material to the Barrier in the 70’s. The owner visited the fishing basin in Auckland regularly so I wondered if this was a previous name for Moeroa


  3. Maybe I’m missing something, I grew up in NZ the weather isn’t that bad, most of these motor boats have quite lovely hull shapes, why do they littered with this outhouse deck clutter?


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