FLORENCE (Florence M – Carla Maria)

FLORENCE (Florence M < > Carla Maria)

The name Florence would have to been of the most popular launch names on WW, and now another has popped up on tme, thanks Ian McDonald for the heads up. This started life as a work boat , actually a cream boat i.e. a vessel that took the milk from farms to a dairy factory. When launched she was named – Carla Maria – more on her at the WW link below. https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/04/28/12377/ She is built from kauri planks and is 29’6” x 8’10” x 3’3” and powered by a Isuzu 60hp diesel engine.
From the photos she appears to be a very well fitted out woody – if you invested a few thousand dollars with a classic sympathetic boat builder and ‘lost’ the three ‘TV monitor’ windows from the cabin sides she could be a very smart classic launch. Currently on the dark side e.g. berthed on the Kaipara Harbour. 

Update 09-02-22 From Dave Stanaway – Photos below dated 20 April 2019 during Northern Wairoa Boating Club race day. 
Dave also commented that he reckons that the boxy shape of her cabin suits her age bracket rather than some slanty looking modern version. 

HELP WANTED Can anyone make a recommendation on where / who to go to, to restore a marine compass – the one below is crying out for some TLC

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