The tme listing (thanks Ian McDonald) states that Aranga started life as a 22’ Roy Parris launch, well if that is the case, old Roy would not be too impressed with her current configuration – but as they say ‘ each to their own’ and ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’.

Powered by a Nissan SD22 Diesel engine that gets her along at 6 >7 knots.That is about all we know about her, so can any of the Paris fan club confirm the build and supply more intel on Aranga. The photos won’t help the sales process 😉

29-10-2021 UPDATE – just been advise Aranga is not a Parris, so Roy can rest in peace 🙂

Paid your CYA sub? No hurry – zero activity happening for members, but the above debate continues to bubble away……..

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