Blue Skies


The photo above is of the game launch – Blue Skies, anchored off the Hotel Marlin in Whangaroa Harbour. The photo is ex The Northlander – issue #4, 1964 and comes to us via Anthony Waddingham. 

The photo was used in an advertisement for the hotel. The ad stated that Blue Skies was licensed to carry six fisherman in unsurpassed comfort.
Can anyone enlighten us as to theft of Blue Skies, is she still around and if so, in what configuration?

I’m told from several sources that the snapper fishing in the gulf is excellent at present – my daughter caught 5, late afternoon on Monday – and says this was the smallest 🙂 yeah right. You’ll note the low % of wood in the photo – points off for going out on a plastic boat.

2 thoughts on “Blue Skies

  1. Certainly still around, and pictured variously on Waitematawoodys. But ill admit to knowing nothing of her build/design origins? Last time I photographed her was at Thames.


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