Kalua (Miss Betty) Update + Boating This Weekend?

Kalua (Miss Betty) Update

Just before lockdown we did a classic woody raid up the Waipa River to the Clevedon Cruising Club for an overnight BBQ. Magic weekend and perfect timing i.e.days before lockdown 🙂

On-route up the river I spotted the 1952, Lidgard built launch – Kalua on her mooring. Kalua or Miss Betty as she was named earlier in her life has been on WW before, the WW link below has lots of details and a great photo gallery of the boats evolution. She appears to be a very big woody for her 42’ length, and you will not hear me say this too often – her additions, including the flying bridge are ok – and ok is as the best you’ll ever get from me on the subject of 2nd story additions to classic woodys 🙂 https://waitematawoodys.com/2019/05/15/miss-betty-kalua/

Boating This Weekend

As per everything the Arden Government (it stopped being the Labour Government last year) there are just so many mixed messages out there.We were told boatings all good (refer RNZYS notice), then 48hrs later Dads Army (Coastguard) are telling us a different message – refer below. I seriously question the restriction around not anchoring in any Waiheke Island bay?

9 thoughts on “Kalua (Miss Betty) Update + Boating This Weekend?

  1. I agree there WAS some confusion early on. Your screenshot is from the 4th of October, mine is from today. Pretty clear now. I don’t think there was ever any doubt about what the government INTENTIONS were, however there are plenty of people who want to pretend otherwise so they can play with their toys. I’m just as disappointed as you are that I can’t go sailing but I recognise the importance of getting on top of this outbreak.


  2. KALUA certainly looks like a Lidgard hull design, but I agree with Harold’s info re the builders, as I cannot imagine Roy Lidgard ever fitting coamings to a boat with that concept. — KEN R


  3. What are the rules if your boat is your Home? Our understanding is that we can go and stay where we want to as long as it is inside the map outlining the Auckland area out including Waiheke & Aotea. And Alan, you didn’t wave back when you were mooching about between C & D marinas the other day.

    Hello Chris – apologies, combination of two things:
    1. The tinted windows on your ‘house’ boat
    2. I was being careful I didn’t snag my fishing lure 😉

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  4. Points 3 and 4 make it pretty clear on the covid website.

    Activities that cannot go ahead

    At Step 1 many activities cannot go ahead, and most facilities remain closed.

    Gyms and indoor recreation facilities cannot open.
    Most team sports, such as basketball or volleyball, cannot go ahead.
    Overnight stays, for example at your bach or in AirBnB accommodation, cannot happen.
    Camping, including hiring a campervan, cannot happen.
    Businesses must still be contactless, so close-contact businesses such as hairdressers and barbers cannot operate or visit your home, including your backyard.
    You can only travel to Waiheke Island or Great Barrier Island (Aotea Island) for recreation if you are a resident there.




  5. Alan , its not a question of mixed messages ,its al about common sense .Who and what actually spreads Corvid , and how can we mitigate the spread . Get real !!! stop blaming others and take responceablity seriously then we can all get back to what we enjoy sooner.

    So dear nigel , what upset you the most? My lack of common sense or my lack of respect for your leader 😉 Alan H


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