A Couple Of Woodys Needing ID’ing

A Couple Of Woodys Needing ID’ing

Now in the photo above we see on the right a launch that one would have to assume is the 1933 Arnold Couldrey designed and built launch – Eileen Patricia. I bounced the photo of Peter Mence, ER’s custodian and he is in agreement. The question of the day – what’s the yacht under tow? Peters guess was the yacht be by Teddy, that wa Slater wrecked off/on Kawau Island.

See WW story below, note there is a mismatch of dates, but we get that with old stories. Enlargements of the two vessels below + a link to Peter and Jennis stunning restoration of Eileen Patricia. (photos ex Andrew Donovan collection)


6 thoughts on “A Couple Of Woodys Needing ID’ing

  1. It’s the Norwegian yacht Ho Ho, which was on a world cruise to locate the remains of a ship lost 10 years earlier. The Ho Ho was washed ashore at Norfolk Island and repaired. This image is of EP towing her out again after sailing back from Norfolk to continue her cruise.

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  2. Okay so we are sure that it is Eileen Patricia but the timing doesn’t work for Teddy. Eileen Patricia wasn’t built when Teddy was wrecked. Nathan knows the answer….

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  3. The sailer is obviously a Norwegian pilot cutter (the rescue boats were ketches), so pretty much has to be Teddy, as I think she was the only one of her kind to visit NZ in that period.
    Yep, I’d go for Eileen Patricia as the launch too.


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