Movarie the 1938, W & G Lowe built bridge decker has just popped up on tme, she is a very well built woody with an amazing pedigree.

One of the better woodys around – Russel Ward, once owned her – RW has a good eye and nose for great boats – BUT, she will sit on tme for a long time, because the seller hasn’t posted any photos and the only details are as below.

Worth checking out, a buyer could get a bargain with the current listing details. Previous WW story here (lots of photos & chat)

2 thoughts on “Movarie

  1. The Sanders Bros bought her from McPherson and the register was changed 8 Nov 1940. They sold her to James Rutherford 1 April 1958 (when they bought Lady Crossley perhaps). Movarie has had a long string of owners -not the Goodfellows though- until I bought her in a distressed condition in Nov 96. She was in distress -not me (although the War Dept was not impressed) dead maggots in the freezer and the K Road bordello decor did not help.


  2. I thought that the Sanders brothers owned her pretty much continuously since they bought her in 1940 from W R MacPherson who had her built in 1937, but could be wrong. Russell will tell us; his father owned her later again.


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