Hine Moana II

Hine Moana II
Todays woody is named – Hine Moana II. She is 35’, carvel planked kauri and built by Jorgensen & Sons, Picton in 1963. Powered by a 145hp Perkins T 6.354 engine. Her owners are Phil Hogg, Tony Bishop and Murray Cederman – who share the maintenance and upkeep. Her home berth is the MYCC, Port Motueka, where she has resided for the last 21 years.

Hine Moana was built originally as the Commodores launch at the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club.

ROYAL FALCON – FYI – Fantastic response to yesterdays story on Royal Falcon, the 3rd largest viewing day for the year – and almost no varnish 😉 For the petrol (diesel heads) below is a short clip of the Commer TS3 being fired up for the first time post re-build. Owner Steve commented that the puff of smoke is the residual lube oil from the new cylinder sleeve installation 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hine Moana II

  1. John is correct in that she was built for Cmndr Critchley and photo of her in the berth is Motueka with the ex Australian ‘Daniel’ in the background


  2. This may be the boat Jorgensens built for Cmndr “Sankey” Critchley who previously owned the recently featured “Sheila II”, though memory suggests she was a little bigger. Dick Hall will know, I’m sure.
    Not too sure from the above if she’s in Motueka or at the RPNYC?


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