Mystery Workboat Conversion

Mystery Workboat Conversion 
According to her tme listing (thanks Ian McDonald) the above woody is – 44’ in length, built of kauri, powered by a 1978 Detroit 150hp diesel and calls Waiheke Island home. And that woodys is all we know.

I’m sure we can uncover more details. The conversion looks very tidy and the wood stove would indicate she has spent time in the our southern waters.

Stunning weather afloat, photo below of Raindance in Garden Cove, Waiheke Island – we sneaked in before the fizz boats and SeaLegs arrived.

7 thoughts on “Mystery Workboat Conversion

  1. Correction to earlier post, Purchased from Friendship Cruises in Picton and taken to Havelock.


  2. This vessel is the Charmaine, built in Picton 1938. I purchased her from Friendship Cruises (Picton) in 1978 and took her to Picton. Re engined her from 3/71GM to a 4/71GM in about 1980. Used for fishing charters and later for harvesting mussels in the early days of the mussel industry. Filled in the Open Cockpit in about 1982 and added the towing post. Had a wet exhaust in my ownership. Sold her to Black Cat Cruises (Akaroa) in about 1986-87 Great launch and quite fast with her GM screaming away. Have a few photo’s of her in her mussel harvesting days towing the Scow Vesper. I last saw her operating out of Whakatane in late 1990’s


  3. Charmaine! Wouldn’t have picked that! She was the mail launch to our part of Grove Arm, Queen Charlotte Sound for years, both under her original name and as Miss Picton. Her owner/skipper was Jim Horrey. Shame on me for not recognising her!

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  4. It’s an pilot boat from where I don’t know. Looks pretty original outside and gets used a fair bit. Wagner Woodburner for the frosty weather.

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  5. Built by Jack Morgan Picton in the 40’s as passenger boat. original Name Charmaine but then Miss Picton (the second) when used for delivering mail to inner Queen Charlotte Sound. Sold and went to Havelock, reverted back to Charmaine and. used for pushing mussel barges. Sold again and went north to Whakatane

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