Raumati was built by John Ewen to a Colin Wild design for Alf Walker of Whangarei. The bridge-decker was launched in early December 1938 and measured 42’ in length, with a beam of 11’6”.The only mention I can find of her is a HDK comment about a NZPBA race on 24/11/1934 in which a launch named Raumati was an entrant. The dates do not match so the first question today is – same boat?

The second question – was she a forerunner to Raumati II (re-named Moeraki in c.1957) built by Low Bros. in Whangarei in 1948 for Alf Walker (again) . Thanks HDK for this intel back in a WW story in March 2014.

So if I haven’t confused everyone – what became of the original 1938 Raumati?

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2 thoughts on “Raumati

  1. This RAUMATI’s engine was a 40hp Ruston Hornsby diesel. When Alf Walker sold her while RAUMATI II was under construction in 1948. Bob Wilkinson could not remember who bought her or what she was renamed. A nice guessing game?


  2. What a lovely classic, with huge similarities to Col. Wild’s REIHIA, especially as she is almost identical in the bridgedeck, which could well make her a sister ship.
    Am not certain as the image is not clear enough but it looks as if she may have 2 engines.
    Wonder what she was powered with originally, — perhaps she may even have had a Buda petrol (or 2). — KEN R

    She was fitted with a single, diesel engine. Alan H


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