Classic Wooden Launch Project

Classic Wooden Launch Project
Last week I was contacted by Bruce Deeming about the above woody launch that had been brought to his attention. Bruce advised that he had been approached to take over the project due to changing circumstances of the present owner. Unfortunately its not on Bruce’s radar so the search is on for a passionate woody looking for a restoration project. 

There is no name on her and the design / build is also a mystery, but Bruce suspects maybe a Cauldry, length is approx. 30>31’. Was sitting in Kaiaua mud berths opposite the Kaiaua fish & chip shop for a number of years. Bruce commented that it requires some plank work and the window surrounds in main cabin are not good, but it has good bones. It has been in the water up until 4 odd months ago. Decks & cabin appear to be very sound, with exception to those main cabin window areas.

Bruce has the original motor, an air cooled Lister or similar, not going. The owner is happy to look at any offer & discuss options.

Anyone able to ID the launch for us?

UPDATE – 03-03-2021 Bruce Ryrie has taken over this project and thus far has scraped and red leaded below the waterline and gutted the interior and set up a soaker system inside to stop her drying out. Some process photos below. Well done Bruce 🙂

5 thoughts on “Classic Wooden Launch Project

  1. Googled Cauldry the design you mentioned but nothing found? Is she still needing a home?

    I have sent you the contact ph # for the boat. Alan H


  2. Kahlua or Kailua was moored by the boatsheds in Whakatakataka Bay for many years her longtime owner once used her as a longline fishing boat.


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