Is It A Boat – Is It A House

Is It A Boat – Is It A House

Some doozies have recently popped up on the web – the top photo I had to treble check to make sure it really was an actual boat. Would get very ‘interesting’ in anything over 2 knots of wind. It does win the WW competition for the boat that most resembles a block of flats award 🙂

The 2nd photo is a boat converted to a land based dwelling.

The last is an architects (I use the term loosely) attempt to include a ship into a new build.

Take your pick woodys 🙂

AROHA Weekend Cruiser Build
Our friends over at Off Center Harbor have just given us a heads up that the Brooklin Boat Yard in the US have purchased an Aroha kit and will be filming OCH (& BBY) guru Eric Blake setting up the kit. Should make for a very interesting video series.

Also in the OCH news, is the Aroha build by John Pratt, the photos above are from John’s home workshop in North Carolina. Below are two photos taken by Dean Wright of the ‘mule’ for Aroha – the kiwi designed and built – Whio. Dean took the photos in Deep Water Cove, B.O.I. in 2014.
You can read more about Whio and Aroha here + details on purchasing her building plans / kits

9 thoughts on “Is It A Boat – Is It A House

  1. Comment from Mark Erskine
    In relation to the two-tone green “block-of-flats”, did anyone notice the:
    Hull design?
    The diameter, triple supported prop shafts?
    The diameter and pitch props? (hard to make out behind the support stand)
    Huge exhaust outlets?
    The trim-tabs and stabilizers?
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this appears to be a seriously powerful and fast boat.

    On the basis of the above bullet points, it would be good to get more info on what it began life as, what powers it and some performance specs.

    Although the vast superstructure does look odd, I bet it is a thing of beauty inside. Would be good to get some photos of the interior (especially the engine room


  2. Aha! So the “Benson Ford” was indeed a Great Lakes ore-carrier in her previous life, so my “ship ashore” guess was wrong. Thanks for the link, AJ.


  3. Jeez, that top one wouldn’t be a gentle “rock you to sleep”, it would fire you right out of the top window.


  4. Is Aloha and Aroha the same boat after random interference from spellcheck?

    oops corrected. thanx. Alan H


  5. With the top one, like many other woodies, I would think, I’ve never seen anything remotely like it, but actually, I tend to think she, (it), may have been built that way, from day one, — perhaps??? — Must say, I absolutely love the finish on her paint & varnish work, & her wonderful maintenance standards — KEN R


  6. There’s a very elegant hull under all that top-hamper. Under all that varnished excrescence. I think I can pick out where the original superstructure finishes. Normally I shun the chainsaw brigade, but I’d make an exception here. The “varnish and chainsaw” sect would have to make a hard decision though 😉
    Are we sure the edifice in the second pic was once actually a ship? (A lot of) years ago there was a brief fad for waterfront buildings built to look like ships; they were called “shipashores”, and I think this could be one.
    AS to the third pic, I don’t want to go to sleep tonight as I’d probably have nightmares about it!


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