Kitty Vane – Where Are You



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KITTY VANE – Where Are You

There has been chat recently as to the status of the launch Kitty Vane – so todays story is a shout out for an update on the project.
Firstly a summary of what we know ( thank you Harold Kidd, Brian Worthington & Val Monk ) – Kitty Vane was  launched in 1956, designed and built by T.C. (Ces) Watson, Laurie Going (father of Hugh Going) worked on her as well. She is named after Katherine (Kitty) Airini Vane, a famous artist from Northland.
She was based at Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club at Tutukaka for many years and was still under charter there in 1991. She went to the aid of the crew of Stella wrecked on Wide Berth Island in 1963.
Later ownership moved to John Going who changed the cabin style, he continued to operate her out of Tutukaka. John also ventured down the west coast game fishing and also sailed Kitty Vane up to Tonga game fishing. 
In the top two b/w photos dated 1961 we see Hugh and Rona Going fishing off Tutukaka, a fine looking woody.

Back in January 2015 I spotted Kitty Vane hauled out at Te Atatu Boating Club, Auckland, colour photos above, where she was getting some TCL. According to her transom home is / was Tutukaka.

Boat yard chat is that in 2019 she ‘returned’ to Northland.
Do not know if it was on a truck or under her own steam. Anyone able to enlighten us on her?
13-06-2020 Update – LINE DRAWINGS – Peter Watson, sent in the below original drawing of Kitty-Vane done by his father – T.C. (Yes) Watson
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Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 4.56.59 PM
Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 4.57.59 PM
The Slippery Slope
From the ceiling signs at the 1968 Boat and Caravan Show, held at the Epsom Showgrounds – the writing was on the wall (poor pun) for the demise of the wooden boat building industry. Great to see Clipper / Mason Marine tucked away in top left corner 🙂
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9 thoughts on “Kitty Vane – Where Are You

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  2. Hi Alan,

    Please find attached drawings prepared for “Kitty Vane” from our archive. These have been scanned from the tracings. By some miracle we also have the original pencil drawings they were traced from!

    Hope you enjoy perusing them.





  3. Interesting to see comments on Kitty Vane. Just for the record she was designed and built by my father T. C. (Ces) Watson. I have the original drawings in my collection. Laurie Going, Hughs father worked on her and was a great help.

    Peter Watson


  4. Kitty Vane was transported north by Truck as both engines seized from lack of use. she was in a very rotten state prior to her leaving Te Atatu boat club


  5. Interested to find out about Kitty Vane too , last I saw her was Te Atatu when she looked as if she could go either way….
    Great photo of the boat show really captures the spirit of the times with many of the popular models , Sea Nymph V13 an early Sea Nymph V146, Fleetline whaler, (one of a number of local copies of the Boston Whaler) Fleetline Sapphire, is that maybe Tara too on the Powerboat racing organisation stand and maybe a Trekka? With a fibreglass moulders canopy on the back.


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