Miss Rose





Today’s woody lives a long way from the Waitemata, but her owner Andrew Christie from Queensland, Australia is a man of immaculate taste in woodys. Recently Andrew, owner of the 32’ woody – St.Helena, WW link below, recently contacted me and told me he had, had a rush of blood to the head and had swooped up the stunning woody Miss Rose.
Built approx. 10 years ago to a c.1930’s Zimmer design, Zimmer was a good friend (shared a desk) of the Hacker  boatbuilding dynasty in the USA. She was built in Australia by a very cool, OTT woody – looks like its brand new.
Andrew commented that the design specs were done  to run on 1930’s horse power not the modern V8 sitting in her today, that is good for 100kph…………….
Andrew has a great eye for detail and already is tweaking a few things to please the eye.
Now I just need to convince him to pop Miss Rose in a sea container and ship her over to NZ for the two (North & South Island) Lake Rotoiti Wooden Boat Festivals…………. 🙂
Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 8.58.58 PM

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