I was recently contacted by Vanessa Bailey in regard to her grandad parents displacement picnic boat Edith. Edith has been restored in a shed at Diary Flat by Arthur Nealy and Dominic Happe over the last 2+ years. Edith is a kauri clinker build and launched in 1925, 16’ in length.

During the restoration Edith her was paint stripped back to bare wood both internally and externally then coated with 5 coats of marine paint, a new Nanni diesel engine was fitted (est. speed 8 knots). In addition new fuel tank, new electrical, new propeller shaft and new propeller was fitted.

I have asked for some photos of the project, so hopefully we can see the work involved in bringing this beauty back to as launched (or better) condition. Congratulations to all involved.

Check out the very impressive trailer (below)



2 thoughts on “Edith

  1. Really wonderful to see her restored so beautifully & faithfully.
    Shows real dedication on the part of the artisans who did the job — not to mention the “Rolls Royce” type trailer. — all in all, FABULOUS!! — KEN R


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