Lady M

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Lady M was designed and built by Roy Parris and launched in 1964. Looking at her trademe listing, she will not be on the market for long, this is a very well presented and maintained woody. Parris launches are great boats, as an aside woody boat builder Geoff Bagnall chose one for his ‘final’ boat, that says a lot about them.

She measure approx. 27’ in length and is powered by a 72hp Ford diesel, which should give her a good turn of speed.

Lady M’s previous owner, was a marine engineer and he reworked all the mechanicals and re-wired all electrical cabling. The current owner purchased Lady M in 2010 and has had very well respected craftsman work on her ever since – Geoff Bagnall being one of them. So woodys if you are looking for a turn-key classic to go boating in – get you’re A – into -G, Lady M will not hang around .



4 thoughts on “Lady M

  1. I owned her from 83 to 96 she is lady moira had a mast on the foredeck i put the swim board on her and refitted her out in 87 in my back yard my name is mike luck


  2. Hi Alan Thanks so much for the t shirt I am going to Maine in July and I will wear it with pride whenever I can thanks again Cheers Allan On Wed, 22 May 2019 at 12:33 AM, #1 for classic wooden bo

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  3. Have seen her around for many years — always very well kept, & of course classic Parris, but feel she may have had a name change as the name, as “LADY M” is not familiar to me– Anyone else have any thoughts on this? — KEN R


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