Lady Ellison

Lady Ellison b:w


Yesterday I was sent the above photo of the c.1952 launch – Lady Ellison by Murray (Mudge) White.

Murray commented that in 1953 he owned the classic yacht ‘ Scout’ and wishing to learn coastal and celestial navigation he went to classes held by Captain Warrick Dunsford at the RAYC and he asked Murray if he would help deliver the Lady Ellison to Wellington.

The skipper and old coastal skipper and an engineer and the boy (Murray) those job was mainly using a drum pump to pump petrol from the two 44 gallon drums in the aft cockpit to the main tank. Murray thinks the engine was a Scripps V8 conversion. After a 4 hour stop in Gisborne to refuel and have the radio checked (AZCI)  they made Wellington in calm conditions in 77 hours. The previous owner was Bert Hammer but Murray doesn’t know who brought her.

Harold Kidd has previously commented on WW that the hull was built by Sam Ford c.1952-3 for Albert Ritchie Hammer of 22 Dommett Ave Epsom. Hammer worked on her for 6 months at Sam’s yard and she was launched at Okahu Bay. HDK also said that the treatment of the coamings and Sam Ford trademark windows were a bit clumsy compared with Sam’s usual treatment of them, but probably a combination of the current owner raising the center cabin by 9″ & Hammer’s handy work rather than Sam.

Her specs are LOA 36’, beam 11’4” and draught 2’9”. Currently powered by a Ford 120hp diesel. Home these days is Motueka, where her owner, Steve Simms, lives aboard.

Colour photo below ex Mark Jarvis – 2015

You can see and read more on Lady Ellison at the long below – remember to read the comments section, lots of chat there.


Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.26.40 PM
Bronze Stuffing Box Wanted
Does anyone have 2nd hand, rudder gland tucked away that they want to sell?
Or can point Daniel Thomas in the direction of a source for a new one?
Daniel is currently undertaking some serious work to the back end of the 1914 Charles Bailey Jnr built ex work boat – Ronaki at Sandspit.

9 thoughts on “Lady Ellison

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  2. I also used ZC1s in Cadets and CMT in the 40s and 50s but found them pretty hard work after the wonderful Eddystone we had at home. There was a mysterious procedure called “netting” which I only dimly remember We had another unit called an “88”, which seemed simpler and more powerful. Many yachts and launches had surplus ZC1’s bought from Valentines in Hamilton. I think they worked well for inshore fishing craft like the game boats.


  3. Are you a Ham, Richard? ZC1s look good with their brass cases polished, but the valves are becoming harder to get.


  4. My Mum MAY have something like that. Dad (John Turnwald) had all manner of boat things tucked away in his garage. Ph Mum on (09) 827 3538


  5. Gosh, I remember Bert Hammer from ‘Lady Luck’ and a second hand shop in Pt Chev and the Coast Guard.. Gosh, blast from the past.


  6. I used ZC1 radios in 1959 during my CMT. They weren’t the most reliable or powerful set, but maybe that was the well thrashed, poorly maintained Army ones!


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