Mystery Launch – Kawau 1963

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 8.18.56 PM

Mystery Launch – Kawau 1963

The question today is can anyone ID the launch on the right in the above May 1963 Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island?
Thanks to Len Redwoods fb page for the photo.

Steam Boats At Warkworth
Woody boatbuilder Colin Brown sent in the photos below of the recent steam gathering at the Warkworth Basin.



11 thoughts on “Mystery Launch – Kawau 1963

  1. It is Lady Ellen. 3 round portholes and raised coach roof aft makes her stand out from the other McGeadys. Reminds me that I need to do another restoration update.


  2. The KURI in those days had a direct reversing 2 stroke Fairbanks-Morse engine with wheelhouse control and the barge he is swinging off is Waiti built as the schooner rigged scow MAY by Davey Darroch in 1892. Kuri was changed to navy gray after the Gardner engine went in


  3. The photo gets out of focus when I try to enhance it but the launch appears to have round ports and raised cabin top aft so not our old Lady Allyson/Erinor but I think Lady Ellen Cheers


  4. It is definitely the LADY ELLEN built by Supreme Craft ( V – “Mac” McGeady) & built at 1A Summer St Ponsonby, (& would almost certainly have been in the John Richards family’s era — KEN R


  5. The work boat is the Kuri, was then named Alona and owned by Frank Hook. He ran his sand dredging operation single handed. But according to the them Marine Dept. he had a deck hand who was a ghost. He had a small shack in this bay and based is business from here. Kuri was built by W G Lowe Ltd in 1929 as a lighter tug for Richardsons Shipping Napier.


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