Theresa May




Theresa May
Relax woodys todays story is not political  – the 42’ woody above was called Theresa May when she was taken over by the RNZAF and used at Lauthala Bay, Fiji during WW2 as W78.
She first pops up as Theresa May in Whangarei in late 1938 and was at Whakatane fishing in 1940 before being taken to Fiji for towing etc.
The photo & details we sent in by Harold Kidd who commented that it is said she was originally from Auckland (under another name).
Apparently she wasn’t repatriated to NZ and ended her days in a Fiji landfill in the 1960s, but that may be apocryphal too.
She’s quite a handsome vessel & Harold is interested in what her origins were pre 1938.
She was obviously a grand boat in her time so hopefully someone will be able to help us uncover more on her.

Seven woodys lined up on Monday for the launch race – offical results below.
Snap Shot – LAUGHING LADY was 1st across the line and MY GIRL was 1st on Handicap
aar lr results

18 thoughts on “Theresa May

  1. Jack must have it wrong. However I can remember Fred Young who owned Dorris when she was in Whitianga telling me the same. Both must be wrong.


  2. So many beautiful wooden boats in this country. I am thankful there is a resurgence of interest in them, they are so very special.
    No one will get permission to fell a thousand year old kauri tree to build a new one, no matter how much money they have……


  3. A great laugh had by all eight of us on LL. With Laughing Lady’s spray rails yet to be fitted she is most certainly wetter than you can ever imagine.

    It would have been nice to see Fleetwing and Waitangi on the line.

    Despite being waved/slowed down off Princess wharf by the Harbormaster on the return leg, I think we actually crossed the finish line before anyone except My Girl had turned around at Orakei. Handicaps be damned.

    Looking forward to returning next year with spray rails and appropriately pitched props to try and wrestle the trophy. Might have to take a page out of Jase’s book and undertake a weight loss program of removing excess crew + bronze game chairs! 😊

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  4. Jeez Murray am I spoze to be concerned ? Or am i to write a letter of apology to the ” we” brigade that we didnt come up to listen to saucepan bashing.
    I think it’s fantastic that the varnish bros are still thinking about us and Fleetwing tho.
    Warms the cockles of my heart !!!
    Always good to be spoken about than spoken too.
    Breaks up the same yarda yarda conversation eh.


  5. Cam we are all disappointed after all these months of racey talk that there was no Pollard entry?
    To quote your own self -when the flag drops the B…. stops
    You could have come up to the launch parade it was another beautiful day with lashings of varnish


  6. You having bit of auto spell check issues ?
    Dont get much speed out of old Fords so keep guessing.


  7. Kind of agreed for boats like romance2, falcon, my girl, fleetthing etc but if you race laughing lady who can do 30 plus, you’re going to get smoked, big ford or not 😉


  8. Enjoyed the race as it was a bit of fun and would certainly be keen again with a bigger fleet next year maybe….not sure about the handicap results for us as to be frank, I was very surprised that we actually managed to hold off Ngaio. Oh well it’s the taking part that counts.


  9. Dont c any need for handicaps in any race of this type.
    First over the line gets the win.
    2nd, 3rd etc etc get to watch them.
    As I’ve babbled on before I think a race for 12 knots and under and then a race for 13 knots and over.


  10. DORIS (later MISS DORIS) which went to Fiji as W66 was built by T.M. Lane & Sons in Auckland in December 1910 for the Fullers.
    This 42 footer THERESA MAY obviously started life as a pretty grand private launch, either a flushdecker or with a tramtop. She went into RNZAF service with a 4 cylinder Kelvin which was replaced with a 6 cylinder Buda diesel ex-USN and later had a Perkins.
    She’ll be a well-known Auckland boat……………but which one?


  11. a fair amount of guessing as there was some unknown to me boats. It worked out ok as far as spread goes, Alan hasn’t put up the corrected times, but they were within 2 mins of each other, My Girl was only 1 second ahead of sterling but i’ll accept the result 😛 Happy to hear your input on how we can do it without handicaps? Maybe some sort Mark Foy start?


  12. Hah.
    Already got a few first places and trophys from anniversary day regatta past.( Not that we are bragging Jason 😁😁)
    Entering any boat this year just didnt have any appeal to us.


  13. Technically, 9 boats lined up, Raiona decided to finish at the Port after a small mistake reading the sailing instructions. Nana joined the fleet as an unofficial entry doing what looked like 12ish knots down the harbour with us. Laughing Lady got told to slow down by the Harbour master which will have effected his result severely but might have kept him drier as when he was going past Westhaven all you could see was huge sheets of water! Not a bad turnout for the first Launch race on the AAR for many many years. Hopefully we can get a bigger fleet next year and the Pollard boys will be more bite than bark by actually showing us how fast they go rather than just bragging 😛


  14. Who built this boat? The Collings & Bell Dorris went up there as well. Jack Taylor spent time up there doing odd work on our boats, just keeping them ship shape. I wish I had noted more about his time up there.


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