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The launch Cygnet has just popped up on trademe (thanks Ian McDonald) & while the listing makes no reference to her past, given the location of Motueka, one would have to assume that she is the ex Mokau River work boat, previously featured on WW (photo below), with a lot of work done to her.

Details – she is approx. 30’ in length, made of kauri carvel construction in c.1960s. Her zoom zoom comes from a Lombardini 87hp diesel that pushes her along at a cruising speed of 8.5 knots, max 10 knots approx.

In her previous appearance on WW, Harold Kidd commented that she was built in Auckland and shipped down to Waitara for Sjolund of Mokau in July 1913, She was described as “on the tunnel style” 34ft in length, 7ft 6in in beam with a draft of 12 ins unloaded and 18ins with a two ton load. No hint of builder but Baden Pascoe thinks she is by T.M. Lane and Sons and that seems entirely likely. She was meant for the then flourishing Mokau River trade. Sjolund had several launches.

You can view / read more on her at the WW link below.

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7 thoughts on “Cygnet

  1. Nah. Different boat. But, to be fair, when the Motueka CYGNET grows up she may no longer be an ugly duckling.


  2. I agree with Murray. If it were true the person who changed the swan to a dog should be put into the deplorable bucket


  3. Agree with John. This Cygnet has been around the Top of the south for as long as i can remember, and that’s a while.


  4. Think your assumtiom way out re CYGNET BEING THE EX mokau vessel,the hull is totally different to the red hulled vessel shown on the Mokau!


  5. There is no possibility that she is the Mokau River work boat as she is much too full at the front end — the Mokau boat has a very fine entry as was common in that era< there is no comparison with the much more bluff bow of this boat — KEN R


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