Mystery Launch 12-07-2018


Mystery Launch 12-07-2018

Lots of stick & rag in the above photo, ex Lew Redwood fb, its dated Jan. 1948 & the caption reads ‘Trans Tasman Race’.
What interests me today is the name of the launch in the foreground of the photo – looks familiar with that unusual shaped, raised wheel house. Looks slightly automobile in design.
Who can ID her?

2 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 12-07-2018

  1. That launch is the SUNRAY has featured on woodys before & has fascinated me since 1946 when she was in her original flush deck configuration which had the complete rebuild as above c1947 there are numerous pics of her on the site — have not seen her for very many years often wondered what has happened to her — perhaps someone can fill in some gaps post 1960. She used to be very quick on the mid/later 40s — KEN R


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