Motiti High & Dry


Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 6.06.17 AM

Motiti High & Dry

Another NZ Herald heritages images photo via Lew Redwood fb, this time the vessel Motiti.
I have searched on-line to find details with no joy, can someone tell us about the vessel & how she ended up in that spot? Was she re-floated?
Can anyone ID the launch standing off ?

4 thoughts on “Motiti High & Dry

  1. This shot of Motiti was taken aground at Saddle Island 1934.
    Her misadventures included 5 strandings, 3 capsizes, a foundering and accidental fire.
    ( Phantom Fleet by the late Ted Ashby )


  2. The launch has a ‘tram-top’ cabin so it could be a Colling’s and Bell. It looks a bit like Fleetwing but there are too many cabin windows and the lines don’t look quite right.

    Nice parking of the scow.


  3. As Daniel says she was built by Darrock at Whangateau but 1897. She started out in life as the Oban and name was changed to Motiti in 1927. She was the first scow to be built with engines but regulations changed which required her to carry an engineer so the engines were removed. She apparently grounded 14 times in her career between Nelson and Auckland. Information sourced from The Ships of Omaha by Carol and James Ramage celebrating the Meiklejohn Family and Phantom Fleet by Ted Ashby


  4. Motiti, as is pretty obvious from the pictures was a scow. Built by Darrock in 1879, she was a hold scow with a fairly chequered history. She was refloated after this stranding on Saddle Island in 1934 and her register wasn’t closed for another 10 years. As for the launch, I can’t answer on that one.


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