Marion D > Joan







I was contacted by Ray Russell the owner of Joan (previously named Marion D) the 1919 Bailey & Lowe launch to let me know he was in possession of a small 10 page booklet (diary/log book) on a trip made in 1932 by Marion D to the Bay of Islands for a spot of ‘sword fishing’. I have scanned the booklet & reproduced it below for your enjoyment.

Ray kindly posted the booklet to me & also emailed a selection of photos, seen above. Ray wasn’t able to date the photos to match the log book entries, but feels the 1st one above is the Whangeraei Town Basin, the gent with the pipe is most likely Jim Donald.

Ray commented that he was unsure when the tram top was removed, but was able to advise that the round cabin windows were replaced by Lanes at Panmure in 1938.

The colour photo shows her as Joan, a later name change. You can read / see more of Joan here









8 thoughts on “Marion D > Joan

  1. Hi there,
    Just to update you, my brother Tony Prentis has recently purchased “Joan”.
    I have Maka Maile and will look forward to cruising with Joan.
    Nick Prentis


  2. See also the February 2019 issue of Boating NZ for IMANOTA/MARION D/JOAN and some other 1919 Auckland launches. Athol Wells took out the 30hp Twigg in 1943 and replaced it with the Gardner, undoubtedly sourced through the Navy, when she was taken into NAPS as Z19 with Athol as skipper. Good move!


  3. Enjoyed reading this post very much. The gent with the pipe is indeed, James Donald, my Great Grandfather. Marion D was named after his beloved wife, Marion Rachel Donald, nee Jouning.
    I will forward this to my father who has a wealth of knowledge and numerous photos of Marion D, and many other old wooden boats owned and crewed by the Donald family.
    Stephanie Hinson


  4. 6L2 replaced the twigg engine she had.
    Gardner never made a 2L3. L3 started at 3cyl. A very rare model.


  5. I Meant a 2 L3 not a 3 L2 — my computer makes these sort of mistakes even though i would never push a wrong button.????!!!! — Well not all that often anyway– KEN R


  6. Thank you for that Cameron. Has she had an engine change, or did indeed, she have that engine, when Athol Wells owned her? I had always been certain it was a 6LW at that time. — She did very well if it was only a 2 L3. — KEN R


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