Mystery Launch – Steadman 38

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 3.32.23 pm

Mystery Launch – Steadman 38

Today’s woody is a mystery because the broker chooses not to disclose the launches name on the trademe listing (thank you Ian McDonald for the heads up).

We can tell you she is a Steadman design, built in 1960, with 1 planked kauri hull & maitai decks. She measures 38’ in length but her listing says her beam is 4’5” (that has to be wrong) & a draft of 3’5”. Zoom zoom comes from a 6cly 120hp Ford diesel.

She is a big solid girl, sleeps 8 & apopears to be pretty while fitted out. What do we know about her past & a name would be nice.

The NAC electric teal cabin top is unusual…………


5 thoughts on “Mystery Launch – Steadman 38

  1. WYANDRA was built in Auckland by Shipbuilders Ltd for the Hope Gibbons family.of Wellington. Peter Gibbons sold her to the Sounds c1995. The 28 footer MALUA was also a Roy Steadman design, built in 1952 in Auckland by him, probably for W.L.W. Lee. Charles Hayward of Glendowie owned her later. She was for sale in 2010 with some dubious history including a build date of 1975.


  2. The name of this Steadman is “Wyandra”

    The colour of the recently painted roof has popped up recently on 2 boats in this area (Motueka) plus a house bus. I suspect one of the locals has found a bulk supply of the stuff.

    There is a 26ft sister ship to this boat lying semi derelict in Mana called Malua. I would enjoy to know anything about either of these boats regarding where they were built. I beleive the Wyandra was built for the Hope Gibbons family. Our family then bought their old boat “Veca” which is still alive and well.

    Mark Jarvis


  3. I agree with Lindsay. Junk not put away suggests two things also to me: there is not enough storage room on board and secondly that if they are not tidy enough to care about the look of the boat then other parts of the boat may also have not been looked after..


  4. Nice launch, but dear oh dear why are so many boats advertised with piles of junk in the pictures – not that this one is particularly bad, but you’d think they’d get rid of the cloths covering the electronics and get the vacuum cleaner off the bunk.


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