Mystery Classics On The Waitemata


Mystery Classics On The Waitemata

Steve Horsley recently sent me the above photo – it came from a collection of old albums that Steve has been loaned. The album photos cover – Auckland, Sydney & England.

The only one that Steve can shed any light on is the V-Class on the left (is the sail # 16 or possibly 36?). Her name is AVOO or AVDO?

Anyone able to ID the motorboats on the right?

10 thoughts on “Mystery Classics On The Waitemata

  1. Avoid (I think) was on the beach outside the custodian’s house on Roberton Island this last summer. At least i think it was her, might have been Avian. it was one of those huge beamy ‘Av’ beasts.


  2. I think the 2 masted launch is almost certainly the MOVARIE as she was built, having cross referenced an image I have of her when newly launched .with todays post, common aspects include, 2 masts, white side rails, cruiser stern, high bridgedeck, no dodger, & dark varnished coamings & overall similar appearance. — KEN R


  3. Thanks Robin. The writing doesn’t look like Avoid. I was told by Jay Lawry that there were 3 build around the same time but could only remember Avoid and Avian. Jay used to own Avoid up in Paihia and Wally Simpson still owns Avian up starboard arm, North Harbour as Martin points out.
    Robin, if you’re interested amongst this pile of photos I have are stacks of emmies and 18 ft skiff action both in Auckland and Sydney.
    I’m keen to start a thread of posted photos on the CYA so anyone interested check it out.


  4. BETH was shipped across from Adelaide to Auckland in March 1931 and sailed back in November/December 1932 (bad trip) so the window of time here is short. The 18 footer is therefore AVRO whose first race was the 1930 Anniversary Regatta.


  5. V-36 was Avro built around 1929 by (or for) E. Jordan of Northcote. He later built Avian, V-48 in 1933 and Avoid, V-61 c1940.


  6. V 36 was Avoid – sister ship to Avian from the same builder. I did a Christmas cruise on Avian c 1959.


  7. “‘Beth’ was built in 1929 at Searles Boatyard in Adelaide. It was built for Thomas Henry Webb,Jnr who was the commodore of the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron at the time
    She was mobilised into the Naval Auxiliary Patrol in August 1942 and served during the war as a costal patrol vessel. She sailed with a crew of 5 and was temporarily renamed ‘Sundowner’ during this time. At the end of the war she was de-commissioned, returned to her owner and given back her name
    ‘Beth’ had various South Australian owners until the mid-1970s when she was sold in Cairns. Up to that point she had travelled extensively between Australia and New Zealand and along the eastern Seaboard. In 1978 she moved to Sydney and cruised the Whitsundays.
    In 1995 she was brought to Melbourne and renamed to ‘Sundowner’ where she has extensively been sailed within the bay.
    During the winter of 2012 she has been out of the water and had a clean and scrub ready for the summer season.
    Hull is Jarrah below the water and Oregon above.“


  8. Taking Steve’s comment about Avoo being the name of the the 18 footer it would not be a huge leap to go for Avoid . There were two square bilged 18 footers around when I was younger called the Avian and the Avoid .The Avian was near Steve’s doorstep at North Cove Kawau Island in recent times.


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