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Glenaray was built by Ship Builders in 1942, is 36’ & gets pushed along by a 1970 Ford 180hp diesel.

Her owner is selling her due to lack of use, but there is a twist – if she doesn’t sell by 5th May, she is booked to be transported to Hamilton on the 7th of May and stored in a shed to rip inside out. Thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads-up

So woodys if you are interested, move fast. Her Whangamata marina berth is available for $325 a month, sure beats Bayswater………..

Photo below (off old 8mm film) ex Ken Ricketts 1958, when owned by Vince Noton.




6 thoughts on “Glenaray

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  2. If she ends up in a shed in “the tron” with her internals ripped out she may possibly end up for sale again as an unfinished project in time if interest is gradually lost or the wife gives the ultimatum !!!
    All the crap dismantling done and be nice and dry. A good project for someone either way. Certainly not the first and definatly won’t be the last to suffer that fate.


  3. People who use those kind of tactics to sell a boat make me mad. So destroy it, strip it, it’s your boat and guilting the rest of us won’t help.


  4. GLENARY was owned in the 1950s/60s by Auckland Businessman Vince Noton of the engineering supply company Titchener Noton Ltd & was a good friend of our family & we cruised with them frequently. She is still virtually original, see photo in main story.


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