Dick Lang Boats – Lady Jane

Lady Jane - Dick Lang


I was recently contacted by Keith Brady whose grandmother, Lettie Lang (Kennerley) was married to Dick Lang.  Keith experienced Dick’s boats as a child during the summer holidays & he is interested in the boats Dick Lang built over time, wanting to get a sense of the scale of his operation and type of boats he built.

I think I know the answer (no) but Keith was wondering whether there is a repository for details of Dicks boats or records of the boats he may have built. He is also interested in any photographs of other boats build by Dick and of his boat shed used to build these great vessels.

Keith sent me two photos, the one above is of Lady Jane which was the vessel he himself experienced time on. Do we know what happened to her?. The other photo, below, is a different vessel, which Keith has not been able to identify. Can any woodys help out?

Unknown copy

16-02-2018 Input from Baden Pascoe

In the yard photos below (ex Glen & Merv Strongman) Baden does not knew the boats name, but it’s obviously a hard chine launch. Baden thinks the date would be in the 1950’s & one of three boats Dick built at Coromandel.

The only work boats that he can think of are Roa 1927 and Giorgina 1939

Baden encourages someone to start a time line – as a start, Baden has supplied the below.

Awhitu 1925? Was on the Manukau most of its life (pictured below)

Tawa, upper harbour passenger launch.

Eunice and Patsy, 1921 ,towing launches ( in Harold & Robins book page 77)

Miss Brett, Fullers and later Salvation Army

Tasman Star, 1935 fishing boat (still existing)



16-02-2018 Input from Bruce Pullman

Bruce received the two photos below from Bob Wichman. One is of Awhitu when on the Manukau, the other is as reconfigured and name change to Inverness in 1993. Inverness is still sitting in the mud at Thames, condition is quite sad.






13 thoughts on “Dick Lang Boats – Lady Jane

  1. Hi Folks
    I’m still working at completing a timeline on Dick Lang’s boat building from the early 1900’s. I have identified approximately 56 boats attributed to Dick Lang between 1909 and the 1950’s. Although I have identified boats having been built I have not identified some of them by name, particularly in 1911 – 1912 period.
    I also have gaps between 1928 – 1931; 1941 – 1946 ( likely to be related to Dick’s involvement in the building of boats for the US war effort) and from 1948 onwards.
    If there is any information sources known to readers that would assist me in the research of these periods I would be grateful for that information source.
    Keith Brady


  2. Stuart, thanks for the information you have posted on the Four Winds, I will add it to the research I have been doing on the Dick Lang boat building activities during the early 1900s. Do you have any photographs of the vessell from around the 1970’s or in its hayday you are able to share.
    I’m also interested in any details of the vessels construction and dimensions.
    Is it possible to have access to any log book entry that may relate to Dick Lang or the vessels construction?
    Any information you have would be gratefully appreciated.

    Keith Brady


  3. We owned “Four Winds” in the 1970s. She was 30ft Dick Lang built c1936. Last seen on pile moorings in the Weiti River minus her beautiful dodger & bow rails and with unfortunate square windows cut into her cabin sides. I have some great interior and exterior pics and log excerpts from the 70s. Happy to share for such a project. Also my Aunty & Uncle (ex Coromandel) knew Dick fairly well I believe. I remember visiting him with them on Waiheke in the 60s.


  4. AWHITU was owned and operated by Glen Tomich, “Matakana Ferry Services” at Tauranga for more than 20 years from about 1958–1980 aprox. She failed survey in the late 1960’s and was completely rebuilt by Willy Oliver. I drove her occasionaly for Glen and she always had a 4-71 GM. a very early model with two valve head, prob. ex war disposals Brian Worthington has before and after pics of her at Tga. on his website


  5. Just to keep you all up to date. I have started the timeline for Dick Lang’s built boats, but need further information to make the list as comprehensive as possible. Does anyone have information when Dick finished building boats to give me a close off date to work to.


  6. I currently own Castaway (originally Islander) launched 1947. She was built by Dick Lang at St Mary’s Bay.


  7. Thanks for the fresh information. I have started a timeline covering Dick’life story, including his boat building enterprise and would welcome information from his followers or sources of information that I could follow up.


  8. Thanks for the article Waitematawoodys.com. and feedback so far. I’m interested in any information available about Dick’s boat building enterprises.


  9. It would be nice to see some one become a champion on Dick Lang boats and the locations he used as workshops and put together a time line. I have some photos of him building boats in Merv Strongman’s shed in Coromandel. I will forward them to WW


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