I received the above photos of Movarie pictured at Mansion House, Kawua Island. Taken by Tudor Collins, most likely in the late 1940 > early 1960 period.

The photos are marked with “Goodfellows aboard,” the Collin’s & the Goodfellow’s were local identities in the Warkworth Takatu region & both families owned properties, at Takatu Peninsula, pre &post WWII.

Movarie is featured elsewhere on WW but these photos are so good they deserved to appear on their own, rather than be added to an existing story 🙂  (photos ex Ken Ricketts)

Just back from Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade weekend – 100’s of photos – will do a WW story on Wednesday, when everyone is back from holiday 😉



Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 4.54.45 pm

3 thoughts on “Movarie

  1. I am agreeable to that, Ken, since I have already posted them long ago on Movarie’s old listing but did not realise that they were by Tudor Collins. I received copies from John Sanders along with heaps of other information gratefully received.


  2. Yep, I had posted those pix, which I got from John Sanders some years back. I didn’t realise they were from Tudor Collins. Sanders also had a pic of her on her beam ends ashore on maybe Cheltenham. I can add no more beyond that I love/d her dearly.
    But what I regret most is that I was cleaning Movarie down once and a lady came up and engaged me in conversation. She professed to be Bill Lowes’ daughter and I would love to make contact with her but (rarely for me) did not note her name.
    I have harangued Harold Kidd about completing the hat trick of all the stars of St Marys Bay by doing an article on W Lowes and Son. Bill Lowes was THE man to go to for any salvage jobs in his day and they build some excellent ships -including Movarie and Tokatea and Akarana (in association with Prices).
    C’mon HDK. Jack Taylor told me that Cyril Tercel built Movarie practically single handed coming out of his apprenticeship, so he must be able to fill in some gaps and hopefully Bill’s daughter reads this and gets in touch.


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