Royal Saxon – Revisited

photos ex Mark Javis

After the amazing response to yesterdays post on Arohanui, which set an all time ww record for the most views in a single hour (1,707) it was always going to be a challenge to back it up. So when I received out of the blue a selection of photos of one of my favourite boats – Royal Saxon, from Motueka resident Mark Javis the challenge was solved.
Mark lives near a little old-world estuary where boats were once built and scows traded at the remaining wharf. A small number of woodys are still berthed there, one being Royal Saxon.

Royal Saxon was built by Colin Wild for Whangarei surveyor Harold Frederick Saxon Charlesworth and launched in October 1930. She is 33ft loa, 9ft 6in beam and draws just under 4ft. Lots more details & photos + a few good yarns found on the ww link below.

She is a very pretty boat & was once owned by Rick McCay who owns Luana, Rick is a man with a very good eye for beautiful things 😉

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2 thoughts on “Royal Saxon – Revisited

  1. The second photo doesn’t appear to be from the same boat. The cabin portholes and windows are different, the ceiling is varnished versus painted white, and the photo time stamp appears to be from a different sequence. Other than that, I’m interested in the provenance of Royal Saxon as compared to Royal Falcon, which was built in 1934 by Cox and Filmer, whom I’m told were ex Col Wild employees and RF was their first boat. Is RF actually a “borrowed” Col Wild design. If so, are RS and RF considered “sister ships”.


  2. She looks absolutely stunning & exactly the same outside, as I remember her in the later days of the Gordon Hunter era c1945-46 — even to the lovely varnish work & the interior now is much superior to those days. — KEN R


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