Judges Bay Haul Out + Name the Boats & Win

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.12.36 PM

Judges Bay Haul Out + Name the Boats & Win

The above photo shows the shoreline at Judges Bay, Auckland. c1930’s.
The photographer is unknown, but the photo is ex the New Zealand Herald via the Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries.

Nathan Herbert has commented that the photo was taken between December 1934 and 1938, as a boat in the photo was launched in December, and modified from that style in 1938.

The woody that can correctly name the most boats, starting from the bottom of the photo, wins a 2018 Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat calendar. Lets try doing the entry thing via the WW Comments section, the email entry seems to confuse a few of you 🙂
Promo closes 6.00pm 22-11-2017.

If you don’t win the calendar, copies are available for $15, a steal – click this link for details on ordering.


6 thoughts on “Judges Bay Haul Out + Name the Boats & Win

  1. I sit with Jack Taylor to view these , thought I would be on a winner .However is in his late 90.s and memory not to good .BUT he really enjoyed the photo .


  2. Steve, They removed the rigs because, after 1927? 1929?, that was the only was they could get under Tamaki Drive.to get to Judges bay


  3. Interesting how they all remove the rigs. Maybe annual oiling or varnishing was the way. A couple of clipper bows in there. I’ll leave it up to Jase.


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