Out At Kopu

DeodarPatricia Jane


Above are a couple of ex work boats hauled out at Kopu – Deodar & Patricia Jane. The photos were sent in by Baden Pascoe from a recent trip to the Coromandel.

Deodar we all know & has been featured on WW before but what do we know about Patricia Jane? she is a rather large old girl – Baden commented that she looks like a converted South Island fishing boat.

Great story tomorrow on a rather stunning yacht that has been brought back to life & now calls Lake Hood (just east of Ashburton, South Island) home.


3 thoughts on “Out At Kopu

  1. Patrica Jane was built by Harold Saunders at Parramatta, Wellington, for himself in 1967 and along with the Narina, a forty footer he also owned was leased to Harold Page from new and went to the Chathams during the crayfish boom. On return she fished out of Napier and Tauranga until conversion to what she is now.
    Patrica Jane is her original name


  2. Don’t know Patricia Jane at all – by that name anyway. I would have expected a Mainland boat to have had a little more draught and (watertight) freeboard.


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