Sou’ East



The 39′ 1947 Lanes built Sou’East is seen above weighing in a thresher shark at Paihia in 1984. Photos ex Dean Wrights collection.
Sou’East has appeared on WW before, but not as above – to view as launched photos & current day, click the link below.

I have include below another of Dean’s photos, this one of the very ‘salty looking’ commercial fishing boat – Lady Karen – photo dated 1984, when owned by Frank Goodhue.



5 thoughts on “Sou’ East

  1. Hi, in my opinion game fishing should be outlawed. It`s a practice suited to people who seek attention and glory for exhibiting the results of a cruel death of beautiful and harmless creatures of our seas.


  2. I think it is a shame someone modified the original dodger many years ago now, as portrayed in the image I took in 1949, as in my view it seriously denigrated the aesthetically beautiful low sleek flowing lines, she had when designed & built. — Perhaps one day someone will change it back again so she caner once again have that superb concept. — KEN R


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