Thames Mystery Shipbuilder Launch

Mystery Shipbuilders Launch @ Thames

Thames Mystery Shipbuilder Launch

The above photo of the launch hauled out was sent in by Nathan Herbert from a (semi) recent trip to Thames. Any of the woodys able to ID her & supply more details?


A Cool Day Out @ Motuihe Island – Sunday Oct 8th

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 1.50.13 pm

von Luckner Centenary Event – Sunday 8th October

On Sunday 8th October Motuihe Trust is commemorating 100 years since the daring escape of Count Felix von Luckner from the First World War internment camp on Motuihe Island. There will be guided walks and interpretive talks while you stand at the locations where the events happened. You will also have the opportunity to visit the regenerating native forest  areas where more than 400,000 trees have been planted and many endangered birds, including little spotted kiwi, plus skinks and geckos and the iconic tuatara have been released and are thriving.

This is a free event but you need to register so we can plan the day.

If you are taking your own boat, register at  or phone 0800motuihe.

Bring a picnic and there will be a sausage sizzle and ice creams for sale (bring cash) and tea/coffee for a donation. Wear comfortable walking shoes. You need “walking fitness’ and the walk is not suitable for small wheeled pushchairs.

If you wish to travel with Fuller’s ferry to the event book on . $32 return for adults and $16 for children.


17 thoughts on “Thames Mystery Shipbuilder Launch

  1. Thanks Jeremy will have a look next time I am in Auckland.Very well built boat.Had a survey done on her around 2002 and the guy that did it built her when he worked at shipbuilders.The engine room was spotless and he said she was as good as the day she was built.When we sold her we bought a modern 13.1 fibre glass powercat ‘RADICAL’ that was twin engine and a lovely boat .
    However Corinthia was full of character and gave me some of the best memories of my life.
    We did a voyage from Whitianga to Auckland one day and she just purred along and you could leave the helm to get a drink and she would just stay on course..We used to take her right into the shallows amongst all the powerboats and my Wife Claire loved driving her out while I did the anchor etc.CHEERS.


  2. HI Merv
    Corintha is currently on pile moorings in Westhaven, first row 100, next to the big Vodafone Trimaran. She is looking good! Cheers Jeremy


  3. Hi, I owned and lived on Corinthia early 2000.
    Had a supercharged 671 and was awesome boat.The one in Thames is a sister ship.I think 4 were built.Corinthia could do 14 knots on a good day .Really miss her.Anyone no if she is still at Bayswater Marina.Merv Mitchell.


  4. I am picking Manukura (nee Carolina) was built and launched in 1965. My father had Corinthia launched in 1963, and I know Corinthia was launched first. Both boats are more or less sister ships and had pros and cons with their slightly different designs, hull construction and engine set ups. I note the twin exhausts are no longer on the port side at the waterline. Dad always complained of the exhaust smoke down the side of the hull. I wouldnt mind coming down to Thames to see her one day over the christmas break… just for nostalgia! Cheers Jeremy 0275307850


  5. Hi i currently own her we are hoping to have her back in the water next year first time in the water for over 14 years i have put two fords back in her but still a lot of work to go thanks for your coment very interesting never new about the othet name we been trying to find a bit about her but with very little suddcess can you please tell what year she was build thanks paul wensor 02040143231


  6. I was brought up on Manukura as a small boy up to when my father sold her in the late 70’s, Her original name was Carolina, my father renamed her. My father had Corinthia built by Roy Steadman ( a very similar boat) at the Shipbuilders yard in Beaumont Street. Manukura was planked Kauri, Corinthia was DD Kauri. Manukura originally had twin Fords, Corinthia had a GM671 ( actually and old WW2 Tank engine), I have many many fond memories aboard Manukura. I have a single photo of her, currently framed in our study!


  7. hi you can contact my husband on 02040143231 regarding the history of the thames mystery shipbuilders launch


  8. The thames mystery shipbuilder launch belongs to myself (Tui)and my husband Paul Wensor her name is Manukura we purchased her about 4years ago from West Auckland she is a twin screw we will be finishing her now we’ve finished building our new home


  9. His photographer jumped ship in Auckland and spilled the beans, not just about the Nazi connections. His son has interesting tales, no doubt corroborated by von L’s minder. The gramophone recordings I found were the core material for a radio station, Horst Wessel Lied, Hitler fanfare, military bands and all. Maybe they were intended for the Auckland German Club which greeted him enthusiastically with swastikas? Maybe not? And what about the transmitter?
    My father had a particular interest in German raiders and took great interest in von Luckner’s visit. Dad was aboard a troopship eastbound which crossed paths with the raider WOLF off Cape Horn in 1916, fortunately in dense fog. But for the fog I wouldn’t be here and it would have been by far the greatest loss of life this country has ever suffered in one hit. It would have made 9/11 look like a picnic.
    So much for gallantry.


  10. @ Alan
    Nazi PoW? 1st world war? What?!
    Doubtless an apologist and opportunist, never a party member and as a Freemason undoubtedly politically out of favour. But of course one never knows. However this document gives historical perpective and confirms the Spiegel (original German language) assessments that the “minder” sent to keep an eye on him on his tour reported back with scathing criticism


  11. Despite his heroic pose there is no doubt that von Luckner’s visit to NZ in the mid 30s was a Nazi spying and cultural propaganda exercise. I found a store of Nazi films and recordings in Domain Street in Devonport which came out on this SEETEUFEL and had been boarded up in a cupboard. I understand that the Secret Service found the transmitter during WW2 in a house at Narrow Neck but can’t vouch for that. One of the recordings was a fanfare restricted to use by and on behalf of Hitler. The recordings were eagerly snapped up in the Fatherland.


  12. Such a shame DOC destroyed the atmospheric early naval buildings on Motuihe Island, and where Luckner and crew were held..


  13. Pretty sure the Shipbuilders is the rebuilt Manukura which was one of several similar Shipbuilder’s hulls eg Corinthian etc. Manukura was swamped at sea back in 2004 and wave action destroyed the centre wheelhouse. The boat sat as a wreck for years out west Auckland.


  14. I think the Shipbuilders boat is probably, (or was originally), the CARAMIA,– used to have the named in block capital letters in gold leaf on the shear batten at the bow originally, when new.– Still looks very original apart from the now painted coamings. — KEN R


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