A Mystery Launch Quiz – Win A WW T-Shirt


A Mystery Launch Quiz – Win A WW T-Shirt

I was sent the above photo yesterday & its tagged ‘Westhaven 1981’ – the first woody that can ID the launch wins a WW T-shirt. Entries have to be via the WW Comments section. I have delayed the ‘going live’ time on the post till 6am to handicap the night owls 🙂

On the subject of WW T-shirts its almost two years (Nov/Dec2015) since I offered up the shirts for sale on WW, the response was amazing & I’m always chuffed to see where they pop up around NZ & the world. I have been getting steady enquiries from people wanting to order shirts & have a back order list. I have contemplated a new design but the existing is just a winner, even with the younger set – ownership of a WW T is big in my sons flat, so much so that they won’t hang them on the washing line, as they steal off each other. The old ‘1st up best dressed’.

What I would like is some feedback on the colour of the shirts – previously the bulk of the shirts were dark (royal) blue, but I’ve done brown, black, white, grey & even pink – In a few hours I’m going to follow up this post with a quick survey on colour preference, would really appreciate if you completed it – will only take 30sec.

In a few weeks I’ll send out details on ordering so you get them before Xmas.


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