Waimarie II




Waimarie II was built by Oliver & Gilpin. The photo above was taken in 1984 & comes from Dean Wright’s recently digitized collection.

Dean commented that she was bought by Gerard Fitzgerald in 1986 and run as a charter boat in the Bay of Islands for two years, then someone bought her changed her name to Kiwi Cruiser and ran her for many years. Sadly Waimarie II hit Tapeka Point (B.O.I.) one night and was a total loss.

Do we know any more about her?


2 thoughts on “Waimarie II

  1. The boat belonged to my (Gerard Fitzgerald) Uncle and I was a deckhand on her for the two years before she was sold. Was ran aground on a king tide in the BOI and had an extensive repair and modernisation before being sold.
    We ran Game tours and sports fishing tours. We were caught out in cyclone bola and we’re lucky to weather our the storm on the back side of Russel.


  2. I can recall that my father Jim Simmons purchased Waimarie II from Tauranga (year unknown) and took it back to Tutukaka where he was living. It did not have the outriggers on it and he along with Ted Gilpin who was living in Tutukaka at the time built and fitted them. Between the 2 of them they operated the vessel out of Tutukaka until my father sold it (again year unknown).


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