Exclusive Lady




The photos above from Dean Wright show the game boat Exclusive Lady fishing the Duke Contest in 1984. While the photos are a little ‘grainy’ from the scanning of 33 year old film negatives, the Lady still looks majestic. Thank you Dean for sharing 🙂

Question of the day woodys – what more do we know about her?


The Ultimate Woodys Friend

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 8.15.26 PM

Ever thought -what’s the name of that boat or who designed her, or who owns her? well if its wood, a classic & the owner is a member of the CYA – then finding the answer is easy – grab a copy of the NZ Classic Yacht Association Register for the ridiculously low price of $15 & you will have access to the ultimate classic woody must have. Fathers Day is fast approaching…….. drop a hint to the partner / kids / grand children 🙂
To grab a copy (or 2 – one for home & one for the boat) contact the CYA on this email link admin@classicyacht.org.nz


5 thoughts on “Exclusive Lady

  1. This boat is still owned by the Forrester family, It is now kept in Whangarei and his son and wife live aboard Exclusive Lady


  2. Pretty sure Exclusive Lady was originally Waiana. When I was just a young fella I can remember doing the odd trip on her with my father, back then it was owned by a car dealer named Don Gordon and I think had a Perkins engine. it did not have a fly-bridge and had a shorter cockpit back then.


  3. the other week you had a 40 footer double ender called Tamahere it was purchased by Ross Clarke of Rimmers RD in the early 1960s and was from the Taurangar Harbour board she was a pilot boat and had 6 Ln 6 Gardiner up in the bow and an exhaust stack through the deck on the port side the main cabin was up front not at the rear as it is today she had a lifting mast and winch amidships she was moored for some years in the Viaduct basin then at Winstons wharf in the Taikata esturary near the concourse in Henderson she was then a registered ship carved int her rear roof wood I lost track of her untill one day I saw a boat catch fire at Okahu bay while beeing worked on on the hard then as I went past there i saw her being rebuilttook a long time I will find some photos of her if you need moes you can contact me 092946614 Gary Langstone


  4. Took another look at the photos, and began to wonder if it’s the same “Exclusive Lady”. If so, she’s sporting somewhat more tophamper these days.


  5. The last I saw of her she was owned by a painter named Forrester. He lived aboard here at Hobsonville Marina for a while, then moved to a mooring off Herald Island. Not sure if he still has her or if she’s still up at Herald Island. Will have a look if I manage to remember.


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