A Woody On Tour + An SoS



A Woody On Tour + An SoS
Woody Paul Drake has just returned from a trip to the UK & sent in the above 2 photos – the first showing a very smart inboard clinker on the beach at Beer, Lyme Bay (1/2 way between Brixham & Portland Bill).

The bottom photo is of the Navy MTB24 ‘resting’ at Bembridge, Isle of Wight. Paul commented that she no longer rises with the tide 😦

An Urgent SoS

WW follower Scott Perry, has a small obsession with rather large woodys – he is currently rebuilding the HDML Kuparu, an ex naval patrol boat. He is nearly done with Kuparu & is now looking at saving HDML Black Watch, the 72 footer sitting out in front of Bayswater Marina for the last 10 plus years.
Scott is urgently looking for somewhere he could tidal slip her e.g. against poles, or a wharf, somewhere on the Waitemata. She has a bad temporary repair on her bottom that is failing & needs attention in the next couple of weeks. She has a swim prop, so can lean her on her side on the beach or deep creek. Any woodys know of anything about?
As an aside, she currently is ketch rigged & with Scott being a launch man, he would like to sell her 2 solid timber masts – so if someone would like to purchase them, you would make Scott a happy man. Scott can be contacted on 027 278 2542
Ps I’m sure Russell Ward will email be a photo of Black Watch, he had / has the ‘hots’ for her

Input from Russell Ward 

Jeez, Scott. Knocking yourself around a bit ain’tca? You can get pills or ect for that sort of problem I am sure.
Why not take on the Kahu? Lots of fun! I’ve attached a couple of pix of Ngaroma when she was a private ship owned by Capt James Lawler and kept at Cooks Lower Landing. The fair miles were built in NZ as part of the war effort and one should be saved.
Just a thought.
UPDATE: Photo below ex Heather & Keith Nicholson of Kahu (taken last week)

Input from Paul Drake – below are two pics of my more humble HDML effort. This is MAKO, 36 inches long (half inch to the foot). I started building her in 1964 aged 16. The following year I was at sea with the Union Company as a Cadet. As shown in the first photo, I took MAKO to sea with me and building continued. The second pic shows her under way and more or less finished on the Avalon duck pond (Wellington). She now resides on my piano here in Taupo – still only more or less finished.




12 thoughts on “A Woody On Tour + An SoS

  1. Called in and visited KOURA at Kopu yesterday and spoke to owner Ross. She has noticeably deteriorated since the last time I saw her. Sad. And Ray, regarding Fairmile at Raglan, she was formerly TIARE ex ML 403 out of Tauranga ( R Williams)


  2. There is quite a difference between a “fairmile” and an HDML, 37 feet in fact. And the guy who put the masts in Kuparu might have got the idea from Bill Gallager who built the steel HAMUTANA 90ft on the lines of an hdml and put spiral welded pipe masts in her.Her deckhouses and almost all of the machinery came from one (GeoffB knows which one). She was sold to a religious mob and was lost up in the islands.


  3. A very authentic model,Paul. The original P3551 MAKO is still afloat…..in Queensland. And the ML at Kopu is KOURA P3564, I notice there appears to be some work being done to her. Shall investigate.


  4. Yes thats Imatra been sitting outside the owners place for over 20 years, saw the Black Watch stuck on the bottom straight off the Pons last year -she doesnt steam too fast at present.


  5. That’s IMATRA in the middle pic, isn’t it? I’m sure I saw her (looking a bit worse for wear ad with a faux clipper bow) against a jetty on the western bank of the Tamaki River recently. Anyone confirm?


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