Voyageur – A Very Big Woody

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Voyageur – A Very Big Woody

Voyageur was built in 1953 to a Chris Craft design, she measures 60′ with a beam of 14’5″ & draft of 5’6″ – so is a rather large old girl.
She is D/D kauri that has been glassed over, with a teak interior. A recent refurbishment included new Volvo engines. For sale at $750K, a lot of money for a 60′ woody but its a lot of boat & being set up for game fishing & in MOSS survey, I assume its a business venture as well.

Any one able to advise the builder?
Thanks to Ian McDonald for the trademe heads up.


Ken Ricketts has advised she was built in 1958 by T K Atkinson at Browns Bay, at 40 feet, for Takapuna Ford dealer Jack Lewis, (Lewis Motors), who extended her in 1965 to 48 feet, the work once again being done by T K Atkinson. —
Lewis took & a friend & me to Browns Bay one day, to see the extension in progress. He was considering a 3rd centre engine for her at that time.
She has obviously been extended again.
What a shame all her lovely exterior varnish has gone — it was such a special part of her beauty & character.
View photos from her early days as a 40 footer here

7 thoughts on “Voyageur – A Very Big Woody

  1. That wasn’t a yawn at Nathan’s comments, which I applaud.
    It was a yawn at the repetition of the topic.
    It was a yawn at the repetition of the cynical lack of truth in advertising.
    It was a yawn at the repetition of yet another owner-generated myth.
    “Chris Craft” has more cachet than “Atkinson” so the lie has a real commercial value.


  2. This boat looks nothing like a Chris- Craft even in original form. How many times do people need telling, that aside from modern- day unlicenced replicas, Chris- Craft did not sell or make available plans for other to build to! They were/are a factory production line like any other which guards closely their IP.


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