Wee Darling

Wee Darling is a 26′ kauri planked 1961 classic launch. Powered by a 35hp diesel ehgine. She underwent a ‘total’ refurbishment 2 yeras ago. Home port is Motueka, Nelson. That woodys is all we know about her other than the normal trademe info. Thanks to Ian McDonald for the trademe heads up.

Anyone able to supply more info on her & her past?

2 thoughts on “Wee Darling

  1. Hi I am the previous owner that sold it to the gentleman in Motueka who refurbished her. She was named Kerrilyn by the former owners the Cadman family .They bought her to Picton from Whangerai .I purchased it from the son in Havelock and took the boat to Nelson.I replaced the wheel house with a slightly larger one. Whilst it was for sale on trade me another owner contacted me,he had bought bit from a fisherman in Aucland . He thought the boat was built by a company called “greenwoods in Whangerai {i am not sure if thats the exact name ,just recalling it from memory} the Cadmans thought it was built by Orams .Her name before the Cadmans was “Omatere”
    She was built in 1961 with strip plank Kauri riveted over frames ,it is a very well done job , the hull was still in excellent condition when I owned her. She had a couple of David Brown 850disel motors in her originating back to her fishing days .
    This information is as correct as I remember it .Feel free to correct it or add to it if any body knows any thing else .
    Ps I also had the rolling chocks put on her ,she had a small mast with a steadying sale dating back to possibly before The Cadmans owned her . I think it was in there family for 30+ years. Hope this helps Paul


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