Nathan Herbert sent in the above photos of the launch Natasha, moored in Whakatakataka Bay. Nathan passes Natasha every time he heads out in Lucinda & in his eye, the waterline just doesn’t look right. Hopefully the ‘low-rider’ look is due to a giant of an engine + the weight of all the added extra’s & not due to her being thirsty i.e. water ingress.

Other than the fact that she is un-loved & not used, what do we know about her?

UPDATE 04-03-2022 Will based on the above photos, it looked like it was always going to be a sad ending – and it was. She sunk on her mooring and was offered for sale by the insurance assessors.

08-03-2022 More photos ex Angus Rogers

5 thoughts on “Natasha

  1. It’s hard to make out/believe from the photos, but up close if you tilt your head; and attached a VTOL aircraft to her bow, that swept up stern would actually be level, and be led by a nice raised foredeck with stepped sheer currently hidden by additions. Undecided as to the originality of the belting line, it seems a tad dramatic.


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