RAIRA – A Peek Down Below

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RAIRA – A Peek Down Below

Raira was launched in Devonport in February 1915. Built by the McLeod Brothers to a Collings and Bell design.  She has appeared on ww before but now thanks to her trademe listing we get to have a look inside 🙂
The great looking interior is the result of a full restoration completed in 2011. This included: new steamed ribs with copper fastenings, new bulkheads, new keel fastenings, all paint removed back to timber and her hull re-caulked + just about everything else on board was replaced or upgraded.

In late 2016 Raira was repowered with a 120hp Ford on an zero hour rebuild, that pushes her along at between 7.5>9 knots. At  the same time she was treated to exterior paint job.

Woody Ian McDonald commented that when he used to slip his boats at Omokoroa in the early 1980’s, Raira was on a swing mooring there & unless mistaken, the game poles are just as they were back then.

She is a pretty boat, but I’m not sure about the ‘poop’ deck 🙂

ps sorry about yesterdays story & the link not working, technology let me down 😦

3 thoughts on “RAIRA – A Peek Down Below

  1. Hi,
    We are the new owners of Raira. Looking forward to being part of Waitemata Woodies.
    Raira is on a mooring in Putiki Bay, Waiheke.
    Just wished we could get out to her during Level 4!!


  2. Terminology correction AH -that is not a poop deck but rather a ‘Tauranga board’ or Tauranga stern very popular at one time and very practical on those old girls particularly for those with a game fishing bent.


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